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  • Switching Gears Written by | January 19, 2015
    The days following the the November 4 election were a bit of a whirlwind, and I apologize for not writing anything here until now. First, I want to say thank you to those who supported me--through your contributions, volunteer efforts, and votes.  I can never repay the many kindnesses that I was shown over the 15 months that we actively campaigned.  Our efforts were successful, and the honor that has been bestowed upon me by the people of the 32nd Legislative District is sometimes overwhelming. In the post-election, pre-swearing-in time frame, I participated in several orientation sessions provided by the…
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  • By The Numbers: Follow The Money Written by | October 31, 2014
    My opponent has developed what seems to be a very bad habit: he continues to refer to me as a "liar", via robocalls, or Facebook posts--and yet he provides nothing to substantiate his claims.  Saying it is so doesn't always make something true. I have resisted--to this point--the encouragement of others to somehow impugn his character, although based on stories I've heard on the campaign trail, there might be something there. I've stuck to written, documentable facts. So, first, I apologize to him for a typo which snuck through as a head to head mailer on issues was prepared.  His…
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  • Radio Ads Written by | October 19, 2014
    Attached are audio files from the ads that will begin running on Monday--KWBE, KGMT, KUTT.  Let me know if you hear them!  
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  • 20 Days--Hang On! Written by | October 15, 2014
    As I write this, at 6 a.m. on October 15, we are 20 days from the completion of this little journey we've been on.  I wanted to write just a few things about what happens over the next couple of weeks. First, we have reached the point that is sometimes called "silly season" in the political cycle. In the next couple of weeks, our mail boxes will be bombarded, and our phones will ring endlessly, and candidates and assorted groups try to make their last pitch to voters about candidates and issues.  Here's what I suspect we'll all see in…
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  • Nebraska Medical Association Voter Guide Written by | October 7, 2014
    The Nebraska Medical Association issues a voter guide in election years.  They solicit responses to questions that touch on medical care and medically related issues.  I answered, my opponent didn't. Whether you agree with me or not on all things, I have answered just about every questionnaire from non-obviously ideologically biased groups (and some that are ideologically based groups). I'll tell you what I think, you can tell me what you think.  As your representative, I owe that to you.  And you're entitled to know what I'm telling others, too, so as voter guides are made "public", I'll post them…
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Why Laura?

Laura Ebke is running for the 32nd Legislative District seat in 2014.

My “agenda” in running for the 32nd Legislative District seat is simple and can be boiled down to a few short items:

  1. I want Nebraska to work even harder at creating the kinds of jobs that will keep our children tied to not just Lincoln and Omaha, but the rural areas of our state as well
  2. I believe that part of what’s necessary to achieve #1 is to have an economy that has low taxes, excellent schools, and a low regulatory environment for new businesses
  3. to succeed at #2, we need to minimize the regulatory role of the state government and ask ourselves what, exactly, we need for the government to do, and what we can do for ourselves, individually, or at the local level





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