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  • Thank You! And Now On to the 2nd Phase... Written by | May 14, 2014
    I've had many calls, notes, and comments as I've been running around today congratulating me on the showing of the campaign in the primary.  For those who haven't seen the details, here's a link to the Secretary of State's website, where you can "drill down" even to the precinct level. I want to express my thanks to a lot of people who helped me during the Primary stage of this campaign, although I'd best not mention them by name, or I'm bound to forget someone. First, my family (who I will mention by name): my husband, Russ; daughter and son-in-law…
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  • Anytime, Anywhere! Written by | April 28, 2014
    Over 10 months ago, I announced my candidacy for the Legislative District 32 seat.  Having grown up in this district, and then returned after the college and military years, this seemed like a no-brainer for me--a perfect fit, if you will. I'm not sure exactly how many miles I've driven since beginning this adventure (nor, how many I will add to the total during the General Election campaign), but the car we bought right before Thanksgiving--just over 5 months ago, has 10,000 miles added to the odometer since we got it, and most of those are in-district miles.  Here's a…
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  • Technology Fixed! Written by | April 7, 2014
    Just a quick note here:  If you've ever submitted questions via the Contact page here on the website, and wondered why I didn't respond, I apologize.  We had some technical difficulties, and for some reason, it appears that comments/questions submitted in that manner was disappearing into the ether. We think we've got it fixed now, so that it will go where it needs to go.  But just in case we don't you can always email me using my personal email address (found on that page), or phone me. Laura  
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  • Yard Signs are Coming (and more exciting things)! Written by | March 21, 2014
    Sometime around April 1, our yard sign shipment will arrive.  We'll have an abundance of standard sized (18x24) high quality signs.  You can take it down after the primary and save it in your garage for the General Election! If you'd like us to drop a sign by, just fill out the form below.  Laura will have some in her car when she's out on the road after they've come in, so if you catch her and want one, just be sure to ask! We'll also be adding some neat new features to the website soon.  Watch here for more…
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  • A New Year and Some Updates Written by | January 22, 2014
    For better or worse, it seems that it's been a while since we've posted anything new here.  Between Meet and Greets, door knocking, and assorted holiday and post-holiday events, posting here became less of a priority for a while, I guess.  So I thought I might provide some updates. Our food drive in December--in each of the 4 primary counties of the district (sorry Lancaster folks) netted over a half ton of food for those in need.  The foodbanks in Crete, Fairbury, Hebron and Geneva were the recipients of our collections.  Thanks to the volunteers who pitched in to help…
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Why Laura?

Laura Ebke is running for the 32nd Legislative District seat in 2014.

My “agenda” in running for the 32nd Legislative District seat is simple and can be boiled down to a few short items:

  1. I want Nebraska to work even harder at creating the kinds of jobs that will keep our children tied to not just Lincoln and Omaha, but the rural areas of our state as well
  2. I believe that part of what’s necessary to achieve #1 is to have an economy that has low taxes, excellent schools, and a low regulatory environment for new businesses
  3. to succeed at #2, we need to minimize the regulatory role of the state government and ask ourselves what, exactly, we need for the government to do, and what we can do for ourselves, individually, or at the local level





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