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Each day that I walk into the Capitol, or visit a local coffee shop, or participate in a groundbreaking, hold a town hall meeting in one of the towns of the district, I am humbled by the trust that has been bestowed on me by my friends and neighbors in the district. While I will not always make everyone happy with my votes (a virtual impossibility), I will always seek to be well versed on the issues that come before us, and will be open to discussion both before and after the votes.

My “agenda” in running for the 32nd Legislative District seat in 2014 was simple and can be boiled down to a few short items: 1) I want Nebraska to work even harder at creating the kinds of jobs that will keep our children tied to not just Lincoln and Omaha, but the rural areas of our state as well; 2) I believe that part of what’s necessary to achieve #1 is to have an economy that has low taxes, excellent schools, and a low regulatory environment for new businesses; and 3) to succeed at #2, we need to minimize the regulatory role of the state government and ask ourselves what, exactly, we need for the government to do, and what we can do for ourselves, individually, or at the local level. While my first two sessions in the legislature was filled with discussion about a number of controversial issues, we did take some important first steps in addressing some of these issues.

I know that everything that government does is paid for by the hardworking taxpayers of our communities. There are some things that it makes sense for us to do in larger community with one another—through the expenditure of our tax dollars. But I am committed to asking many questions and seeking to determine what must be done by the taxpayers collectively, and what can be done by individuals, by choice.  From Corrections Reform (getting "smart" on crime in order to reduce recidivism and avoid having to build more infrastructure) to early consideration of how we might change our financing structure for public education so that counties can lower property taxes, to an assortment of efforts (including my LB 299) which are working to reduce the regulatory environment for those who want to work--through Occupational Licensing Reform--my first term has been busy.

I’m always eager to hear what you have to say, and my staff and I have tried very hard to be responsive. Phone calls to my office and emails to my official account are always welcome. Likewise, calls to my personal phone may not be immediately answered, but if you leave a message, I will respond.  Please feel free to contact me any time.

I hope to win your trust again in 2018, so that I may continue to serve you, and use the experience I've gained in the last 3+ years to work to buid Nebraska's future through careful analysis of policy, and a critical eye to the needs of the taxpayers.

Laura Ebke

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