Laura's Bills

The 2017 legislative session was a productive one for my bills. My priority bill, LB34, was passed. Additionally LB509 and the separate LB509A was passed. LB509A was the supplemental Appropriations bill that had to be passed in conjunction with LB509. LR6 (previously LR35) was introduced and remained on General File. LB299 was introduced and is now my priority bill for the 2018 session. I also introduced LR181 which was an important interim study. A full summary of these bills and others is below.

2016 was the short 60 day session of the 104th Legislature. This session I really looked for laws on the books that were outdated or nor longer applied. I also focused on civil liberties issues and economic liberty. I had two legislative efforts dealing with the federal Constitution. 

LR35 was my priority bill for the year. Legislative Resolution 35 was Nebraska's application for a limited Article V convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. LR35 was part of a national effort of matching Article V resolutions know as the "Convention of States".

2015 was my first session in the Legislature. I introduced 11 bills, and 13 resolutions. Bills--if passed--become a part of the Nebraska Revised Statutes. Legislative Resolutions run the gamut from congratulating students or teams on state championship performances, to recognizing 100th birthdays, to calling on Congress to take action. Below is a recap of legislation and resolutions that I introduced, and where in the process they are. Another article will discuss those items which will be carried over to the 2016 session.