Laura's Bills

2015 was my first session in the Legislature. I introduced 11 bills, and 13 resolutions. Bills--if passed--become a part of the Nebraska Revised Statutes. Legislative Resolutions run the gamut from congratulating students or teams on state championship performances, to recognizing 100th birthdays, to calling on Congress to take action. Below is a recap of legislation and resolutions that I introduced, and where in the process they are. Another article will discuss those items which will be carried over to the 2016 session.



  • LB132--a bill to change join public agency powers and procedures (requiring votes for bonding). PASSED into law
  • LB133--a bill to change interest rate provisions on certain Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court awards. REFERRED to Business and Labor Committee.
  • LB184--a bill to change prohibited locations to carry a concealed handgun--would give private schools the option of designating security teams. REFERRED to Judiciary Committee
  • LB210--a bill to change provisions relating to housing agencies and taxation of mixed-use developments.  REFERRED to Revenue Committee
  • LB270--a bill to create and eliminate funds administered by the Department of Labor. This was a "clean up bill" for the DOL, which got hung up in Committee. GENERAL FILE
  • LB271--a bill to change and eliminate provisions of the Employment Security Law. Another "clean up bill" for the DOL.  PASSED into law
  • LB288--a bill to prohibit public employers from making certain deductions from wages. REFERRED to Business and Labor
  • LB289--a bill to prohibit certain regulation of firearms, ammunition and firearm accessories by cities and villages. GENERAL FILE
  • LB437--a bill to change provisions relating to the Parenting Act. INDEFINITELY POSTPONED (i.e., Killed)
  • LB599--a bill to provide a lower minimum wage for young student workers. FAILED to ADVANCE on FINAL READING.
  • LB600--a bill to change provisions relating to the investment of trust funds for self-insurers under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act. REFERRED to Business and Labor, partially amended into other legislation.

Resolutions (all PASSED unless otherwise noted):

  • LR27--a resolution congratulating the Exeter-Milligan football team for winning the 2014 Class D-2 state championship. 
  • LR35--a resolution to petition Congress to call a Convention of the States to propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States. GENERAL FILE
  • LR55--a resolution recognizing Fred Arnold for his local economic development success and commending MSA Brand Products for producing and selling American flags made in Nebraska. 
  • LR67--a resolution congratulating Arne and Esther Larson on their 80th wedding anniversary
  • LR68--a resolution congratulating the Friend High School wrestling team for finishing 2nd at the 2015 Class D state championships
  • LR70--a resolution congratulating Zemua Baptista on his state wrestling championship and his career achievements.
  • LR71--a resolution congratulating Patrick Dempsey on his state wrestling championship and his career achievements.
  • LR73--a resolution urging each state to adopt or continue the proportional method for allocating presidential elecotrs. REFERRED to Government, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee
  • LR122--a resolution to congratulate the Exeter-Milligan High School boys' basketball team for winning the 2015 Class D-2 championship.
  • LR153--a resolution recognizing the many firefighters and emergency personnel from Nebraska and Kansas for their exemplary service and commitment to fighting the fire south of Fairbury.
  • LR158--a resolution congratulating Ron Douglas on his 100th birthday.
  • LR345--a resolution congratulating Robert and Judith Kluge on their 50th wedding anniversary.
  • LR348--a resolution congratulating St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Gilead on celebrating its 125th anniversary.